Counselling for carers

We know that caring for a person living with motor neuron disease (MND) can be extremely hard and have a significant impact on your mental health and wellbeing.

To help you, we offer a free Counselling Service that gives carers the opportunity to access up to 12 one-to-one counselling sessions with a qualified therapist.

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Right now, you may have worries and pressures you’re struggling to cope with and feel stressed and anxious. You may also be experiencing difficult issues, such as changes to the health of the person you’re caring for or the anticipation of losing a loved one.

Talking to someone outside your family or circle of friends may help you better understand your feelings and manage your difficult circumstances.

Our free Counselling Service is available to you if you’re aged over
18, live in Scotland and:

Provide unpaid care to a person living with motor neuron disease


Are an immediate family member of someone living with MND, e.g. spouse, partner, son, daughter, parent

How our counselling could help you

Our Counselling Service could help you manage your situation by:

Allowing you to speak openly about the demands of your caring role

Making you feel better equipped to look after the person you care for

Providing personalised support that’s tailored to your circumstances

Increasing your confidence and motivation

Reducing the sense of fear, anxiety or depression you may be feeling

Giving you new ways to think and manage difficult feelings

“Counselling really helped me to come to terms with my husband’s diagnosis. It was an outlet to share my fears and anxieties with someone outside my own family, and it helped me deal with these head on.”

Vivian Laycock

How to access our Counselling Service

Need urgent help?

If you need to speak to someone right now about difficult emotions you’re experiencing, you can reach out to:

What happens after you’re referred

If you’re referred to our Counselling Service, we’ll contact you to identify your needs and make sure you're suitable for the service.

If you are suitable, you’ll be able to access up to 12 free one-to-one counselling sessions. Each session usually lasts up to one hour and takes place once a week. But we can be flexible to meet your needs and availability.

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Other ways we can support you

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Counselling for carers

Caring for a person living with motor neuron disease can be extremely hard, we’re here to help.


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