How we’re making time count for people living with motor neuron disease

MND Scotland is unique. We are the only motor neuron disease (MND) charity in Scotland to be privileged to offer direct support to those of you living with MND and your friends and families. We know you. We laugh with you, and we cry with you. We are your voice in a system where it can feel you have none. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Our 2022-25 strategy seeks to build on our experience and expertise from the past 40 years, harnessing our unique position at the heart of the MND community, to guide us forwards to become a more robust, resilient, and engaging organisation. A bold new chapter. 

Making time count is a principle that runs to the very heart of our organisation. Everything we do, and the way in which we do it, puts the MND Community at our core. Our values and goals define us. We are proud that they do.


Rachel Maitland

CEO, MND Scotland

“The support of my family, friends and MND Scotland during Liz’s illness was absolutely vital to me every day. I’m looking forward to seeing MND Scotland grow and do even more for those living with MND today.”

— Alan Ogg

Our vision is a world without MND. Until that day comes, our mission is to make time count for everyone affected by MND in Scotland.

We would not be where we are without our incredible supporters, and we give you our continued commitment that we will make every penny you raise work hard. We will be proactive in our approach, continuing to invest in ground-breaking research, making your voice heard through our tireless campaigning and ensuring that people with MND have the best possible outcomes in life and dignity in death.
Every one of us at MND Scotland is committed to our cause and to you.

Key questions

To ensure we meet our strategic goals, whilst remaining true to our values, every decision we make will be assessed against 6 key questions:


Will it make things easier for people with MND and friends and family, foster hope and be founded in lived experience?


Will it increase our reach to ensure a wider understanding of MND and engagement with our purpose and commitment to making time count?


Can the work be undertaken within the existing governance, risk, and compliance framework of the organisation?


Does it support our commitment to investing in team growth and development?


Will it improve the diversity, sustainability and strength of our funding base?

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