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Our work is powered by thousands of fundraisers like you, right across Scotland and beyond. Every penny you raise will help change lives today and enable vital MND research to bring us closer to a cure.

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For every £1 raised, 85p goes directly towards supporting people today and funding research for the future.

*Source MND Scotland Impact Report 2020-21

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Fundraising tips and paying-in

Find out how to maximise your impact, generate the most sponsorship and how to pay-in your donations.

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12 days of Festive Fundraising

Join in the festive fun and make time count for people affected by MND this Christmas with our 12 days of Festive Fundraising!

MND Scotland Shindig 2024

Join us on Saturday 2nd March 2024 for a night of food, dancing and entertainment and Gie it Laldy for MND Scotland.
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TCS London Marathon 2024

Applications for MND Scotland's fourth ever guaranteed place for the world famous TCS London Marathon are now open.

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