Payroll Giving

Employers and staff can change lives together without lifting a finger.

Payroll Giving, also known as ‘give as you earn’ or ‘workplace giving’, is an easy way to support MND Scotland. It enables you to support our work by donating straight from your gross salary, before tax is deducted.

Your money can go further

Payroll Giving is the most efficient way for individuals to support MND Scotland. This is because a donation is made on colleagues’ gross salary before taxes are deducted.

Here is how much you could save by donating this way, across the main tax bands:

Basic rate (20%)

Tax relief means a donation of £10 will cost you just £8.

Higher rate (40%)

Tax relief means a donation of £10 will cost you just £6.

Additional rate (45%)

Tax relief means a donation of £10 will cost you just £5.50.

Ask about Payroll Giving at work

If your employer has Payroll Giving

It’s very simple to get involved. All you need to do is sign a form from your payroll or HR department.

The form asks you to give the name of the charity you want to support, and how much you want to give. Your employer then deducts the total amount you want to give from your pre-tax salary.

Your donation is then sent directly to MND Scotland to help change lives and fund MND research.

If your employer does not have Payroll Giving

You ask them to get involved. It’s really easy for employers to register with a Payroll Giving agency and we can help them with this.

Some companies also match-fund the donations made by employees, effectively allowing you to double your donation for no extra cost.

Better for businesses

Payroll Giving is an excellent way to increase the charitable giving of your brand or business while boosting morale and motivation.

We know that keeping track of what’s been raised can sometimes be tricky. With Payroll Giving employers can easily measure the level of charitable giving on an ongoing basis, making this a no-fuss charitable giving option for your workplace.

Let’s get started

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