Trusts and Foundations

Generate vital impact by supporting the work of MND Scotland through your charitable trust or foundation. If you are able to make a donation from a trust, or there are grant programmes you think fit with our aims and objectives we’d love to hear from you.

Why support MND Scotland?

Charitable trusts and foundations play a pivotal role, enabling us to go further to support people affected by motor neuron disease (MND) across Scotland. Your support will change lives today, whilst powering MND research and world-class clinical trials.

Join a growing movement

We’re supported by like-minded charitable trusts and foundations including:

Change can’t wait

Most people know MND is bad – but it’s not just the disease we’re fighting. Whether it’s better provision of accessible housing, overcoming delays for home adaptations or improving social care and access to benefits – we’re fighting for a system that works.

Making a difference together

Charitable trusts and foundations make a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable people every year. Through supporting our work, we can help philanthropic trusts meet their own goals.

Fulfil your goals

We’ll align your objectives with aspects of our work so we can change lives together.

Know your impact

You’ll see the difference your support makes to people affected by MND.

Say it proudly

We’ll work with you to ensure that your support is recognised through PR work and at our events where possible.

Transparency and accountability

We know how important it is for you to work with charities who can turn your investment into vital action. We will always manage your funds in a responsible way to generate the biggest impact.

Our strategy

Download our Strategy document to find out how we are working to grow MND Scotland and achieve our long-term goals.

Latest Impact Report

Download our annual Impact Report which highlights the difference we’ve made in the last financial year due to people supporting our work.

Annual Accounts

Download our official charitable reports and financial statements for the most recent financial year.