Grants and Guidelines

Our grants are designed to ease the pressures associated with a diagnosis of motor neuron disease (MND) and to help you make the most of time with loved ones. We offer a variety of grants to support both individuals diagnosed with MND and their carers.

Making Time Count Grant

Our grants can help ease the pressure you may be under and help you to make time count with the ones you love.

Time for You Grant

Purpose: To improve your wellbeing by accessing services that can enhance your quality of life.

Details: Provides up to £500 for services such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, and more traditional self-care treatments like hairdressing or podiatry.

Usage: The grant is available to anyone diagnosed with MND, to make these beneficial services more accessible to those who may face financial barriers to services that improve wellbeing.


Carers Grant

MND Scotland EAA Grant Guidelines

The Equipment and Adaptations Grant (EAA Grant) provided by MND Scotland offers significant support to individuals affected by motor neuron disease (MND) who require specialised equipment and home adaptations.

Here is a clear breakdown of the guidelines for this grant:

Funding Amount

Up to £1,500 is available for equipment and adaptations specifically designed for individuals with a physical disability.

This funding can help to cover the cost required by a homeowner for several types of home modifications, such as:

  • Converting a bathroom to a wet room.
  • Converting a downstairs room to a bedroom.
  • Contributing towards the cost of installing a stair lift.
  • These adaptations are often part of expenses primarily covered by the local authority under the 2010 “Scheme of Assistance” (Section 72 Statement).

If a local authority does not cover these costs due to delays or budget constraints, applicants are required to engage MND Scotland’s advocacy service to address the issue with the relevant department. Without this engagement with our advocacy service, a grant will not be awarded.

If the local authority response to the advocacy service in unsuccessful and proceeding with MND Scotland funding is in the client’s best interests, the client may submit an application. This application must include two estimates from qualified trades people for any building works or adaptations.

Exceptions may be considered based on individual circumstances, such as geographic location and available support networks.

For any grant amount over £500, recipients must provide receipts. Failure to produce receipts may result in future grants being rejected.

Receipts can be sent to

The grant may also be used to purchase specialised equipment if such equipment is not provided by local authorities, the health board, or MND Scotland’s equipment service.

Grants will not be awarded if the required equipment can or should be provided by a statutory source or can be provided by MND Scotland’s equipment service.

For equipment not provided by a statutory service, supporting evidence must include confirmation from a health professional that the equipment is safe for use. If safety cannot be confirmed, the grant will not be approved.

Applicants can make more than one application to the fund within a year, but the total amount granted is capped at £1,500 over a rolling 12-month period.

This grant is designed to provide critical support that will enhance quality of life and independence by ensuring that necessary adaptations and equipment are accessible to those affected by MND.

General Guidelines for Grant Applications

  • Maximum Amount: Applicants can request up to £1500. We aim to assist as many individuals as possible; please request only the amount you need.
  • Award Criteria: Item must not be available from a statutory source or from MND Scotland equipment service. Grant amounts may vary based on the assessed need. All applications are subject to review and funding is not guaranteed.
  • Renewal Policy: Our grants are administered on a 12-month rolling period, ensuring that financial support is consistently available throughout the year.

How to Apply

To access any of our grants, please contact our support team directly.

By Phone: Call our support line to speak directly with one of our team members. They will discuss you needs and refer you to one of our Support Team Advisors.

0141 332 3903

By Email: You can also reach out to us through our designated support inbox. A team member will respond to discuss your needs. Please email –

Or you can fill in this form to let us know you would like to speak to our welfare and benefits advisor about our grants or other financial support.

Please note: All questions marked with an asterisk (*) must be answered before submitting your application.

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