We’re in your corner

Motor neuron disease (MND) may throw a number of issues your way that you find difficult, frustrating or upsetting. But what we want you to know is that you’re not alone.

Our team of advocacy workers are ready to listen to your concerns and help solve any issues you’re facing.

How we can help you

Our advocacy service is available to anyone affected by MND who lives in Scotland. You can speak to one of our advocacy workers face-to-face, on the phone, or through email, depending on your location.

An MND advocacy worker can help protect your rights, make sure your voice is heard and help you access equipment or technology you need.

Typically, our Advocacy Service supports people with MND and their carers in the following areas:

Accessing services from a local authority

Applying for free personal care

Appeals against life insurance and pension scheme decisionsPro

Disputes with companies about household bills, insurance and other issues

Finding a care provider

Getting hold of equipment or technology

Securing necessary adaptations for a home

Moving to a more suitable home, including social housing

Problems experienced at work

Other issues that cause frustration and worry

Reasons for accessing our Advocacy Service

You may feel a little reluctant about using our Advocacy Service. Maybe because you feel your problem isn’t that big or someone else may need our help more.

If you feel this way, please still get in touch with us. We’d much prefer to assess a problem you’re facing than not hear about it at all. Plus, there are many benefits to using our Advocacy Service:

Helps to ensure you get the care and support you’re entitled to

Makes sure your voice is heard when decisions need to be made

Reduces the stress of having to deal with confusing, persistent or urgent issues

Allows you and your family to spend more quality time together

Provides reassurance that you’re backed by a committed and compassionate team

"Everyone with MND deserves to have someone like Carla (Advocacy Worker) on their side. I don’t know what I would’ve done without MND Scotland’s help. I am the living proof that your donations make a huge difference."

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Other ways we can support you

Accessible holidays

Specialist holiday homes in stunning Scottish locations. Fully equipped to meet your needs.

Speech / mental health / counselling icon

Counselling for carers

Caring for a person living with motor neuron disease can be extremely hard, we’re here to help.


Our advocacy team are ready to listen to your concerns and help solve any issues you’re facing.

Wills & POA

Make your wishes known through a will, power of attorney or advance directive.

Benefits advice

Our free benefits service can help you claim financial support you’re entitled to.

Grants for you

We offer a wide range of grants to help you live a good life and ease money worries.

Support groups

Join our weekly online peer support group.

Free counselling

We offer tailored counselling sessions to people living with MND and carers.


We gift and loan out a wide range of helpful equipment and communication aids.

Your precious gift can help find a cure for MND