Wills and power of attorney

If you’ve been diagnosed with MND, it can be important to plan ahead and make your wishes known through a Will and power of attorney.

We may be able to help you do this for free through our expert legal advice offer, which is also available to spouses and civil partners.

Please note that this is only available to people with MND. If you are a supporter please visit our Leave a gift in your will page.

The importance of planning ahead

We know it can be very difficult to think about the future and a time when you may not be here.

But making plans when you’re healthy means you’ll have less to think about, and potentially worry about, if you become too unwell to discuss your plans.

Planning ahead can also help to make you feel more in control of your wishes and prepared for the future. So, please do think about using our free legal advice offer after speaking to your family, friends and healthcare team about what’s important to you.

Free legal support for you

We’ve teamed up with Caesar & Howie solicitors so you can write or amend your Will or make a power of attorney document for free.

Caesar & Howie is a well-established Scottish firm who are dedicated to providing legal services in a caring and sensitive way.

Write or update your Will

Even if you think you don’t have much to leave to other people, such as money, property or possessions, it can still be important to make a Will or update an existing one.

This is because if you die without an up-to-date Will, your estate may be distributed in a way that you would not be happy with.

Please note: our offer only covers the cost of you writing or updating a basic Will. If your will is complex, you may be asked to pay a fee.

Make a power of attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that lets you nominate people to help you make important decisions, or you can authorise people to make decisions on your behalf if you become too unwell to do this.

With your power of attorney, you may want to include a ‘letter of wishes’. This can help people care for you in a way you want to be cared for. For example, it may state the types of clothes you like to wear, the TV programmes you like to watch or the music you like to listen to.

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Other ways we can support you

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Counselling for carers

Caring for a person living with motor neuron disease can be extremely hard, we’re here to help.


Our advocacy team are ready to listen to your concerns and help solve any issues you’re facing.

Wills & POA

Make your wishes known through a will or power of attorney.

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Our free benefits service can help you claim financial support you’re entitled to.

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