MND Scotland statement on riluzole supplies

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In late September, MND Scotland became aware of local shortages being reported in Scotland of the tablet formulation of riluzole. This shortage turned out to be UK-wide and has not yet resolved.  

Since September, MND Scotland has been actively seeking a solution to this issue and we have been working closely with the three drug manufacturers who supply the tablet formulation of riluzole to the UK market, seeking assurances about the timescale for re-establishment of the supply chain. We have also been sharing our information with the MND Association.  

As part of an effort to ensure continuous access, we have been working closely with Community Pharmacy Scotland who have, in turn, been working with their NHS partners to make sure that where there is stock, there are no barriers to supply. Through these routes, prescribers across the country are also being made aware of the situation.  

In addition, we have been working with manufacturers of the two non-tablet formulations of riluzole to try and make sure that supplies will be available, should some prescriptions in Scotland need to be changed to these forms.   

This is an ongoing issue but MND Scotland, the drug manufacturers, and our national professional organisations are all working together with government departments to try and make sure that people with MND will continue to be able to receive their medication.     

Throughout this process, we have repeatedly emphasised to manufacturers and organisations alike, how important it is that people with MND in the UK are able to access the only treatment currently available to them.  

If you’ve been affected by this issue and live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland please contact the MND Association as NHS provision is administered separately in Scotland.  

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