MND Scotland riluzole supply issues update

In November 2023, we issued a statement about shortages of the drug riluzole, which is taken by some people with MND to help alleviate symptoms.  

Following recent coverage of medicine shortage issues in the media and, specifically, shortages of riluzole in an article on Saturday, 20 January in The Guardian newspaper, we are providing an update on the supply situation in Scotland. 

MND Scotland has been aware of unreliable availability of the tablet formulation of riluzole across the UK since September 2023. For several months, we have been working directly with the manufacturers of riluzole, MND clinical teams, and relevant agencies to make sure that people with MND in Scotland, who take riluzole, can access treatment.  

Sometimes this may mean taking a different formulation of riluzole for a while, such as liquid. MND Scotland, Community Pharmacy Scotland and MND clinical teams have worked together to make sure there are still treatment options for people in Scotland, even if the tablet formulation is in short supply.  

Judy Newton, MND nurse consultant for Scotland, said: “There are currently no areas in Scotland reporting any issues accessing riluzole at the moment.  Anyone that is known to take riluzole, and may be impacted by the shortage, received a letter before Christmas about the situation.  We are actively working with the MND nurses.” 

If you have any concerns about your treatment, please contact your MND clinical nurse or your neurologist.  

MND Scotland will provide further updates on the supply of riluzole if the situation changes. 

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