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Forfar man living with MND holds photography exhibition

Along with showcasing Ian’s photography skills, the exhibition was organised to raise money for MND Scotland.

Devoted husband and father of four opens up about life with MND

Mark is bravely sharing his story to raise awareness around motor neuron disease.

Dad’s MND Symptoms Mistaken for Signs of Aging

Scott Kerr bravely shares his dad's story to raise awareness about people diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (MND) later in life.

Tommy’s 26 years with MND

Having originally shared his story in 2017, ahead of Global MND Awareness Day, Tommy opens up about how his life has continued to change over the past six years. 

Paula’s Story – Carers Week 2023

Paula's husband was diagnosed with MND at 49. For two and a half years, she cared for him and faced the challenges of navigating social care systems. In her own words, Paula shares her caregiving experience.

Anne’s Story – Carers Week 2023

Anne’s husband was diagnosed with bulbar onset MND in May 2020. He died in their local hospice in December 2021. For carers week, Anne shares what a day of caring for him involved.   

Phil and Kate’s Story – Carers Week 2023

Despite being diagnosed with MND, Kate, an international project manager, is determined to continue her work while her husband, Phil, provides constant care. For Carers Week, Phil shares what a day of caring for Kate involves.

Lesley’s Story – Carers Week 2023

Lesley’s husband was diagnosed with MND in September 2019. For all but the final four days of her husband’s life, Lesley cared for him by herself. Here, she outlines what caring for him looked like for her.  

Carers Week 2023 5th-11th June

This Carers Week, we will be shining a light on the experience of those who care for a loved one with MND.