A Dip a Day in May

Get ready to make a splash for a great cause!

2024 marks the 10 year anniversary of the ice bucket challenge.

The ice bucket challenge grew organically to raise a phenomenal $220m globally with 28 million videos uploaded in 159 countries.

£500,000 was raised for MND Scotland, which has been used to fund research and support people in Scotland living with MND. We can’t thank you enough if you took on the challenge and donated to MND Scotland. Click here to read more from our 2014 campaign.

This year we will share throwback content of ice bucket challenges from 10 years ago, and also share stories about how the money you raised has been spent.  10 years on, people with motor neuron disease still need your help to fund ground-breaking research into effective treatments and a cure for this brutal disease.

This year we will support a range of activities to remember the ice bucket challenge and raise vital funds. To get involved, please get in touch with our fundraising team, or click the register button below. You can also donate at anytime via our website or Just Giving

Greg's year long challenge

Meet Greg Proctor, a man on a mission to make a difference. In memory of his dad, who lost his battle with motor neuron disease (MND), Greg has embarked on an extraordinary journey. 

Every single day in 2024, Greg is bravely taking on the Ice Bucket Challenge, to raise funds for MND Scotland. 

This challenge not only commemorates his father’s memory but also marks the 10-year anniversary of the Ice Bucket Challenge going viral. 

Show Greg some support by following his journey on social media or donating to his Just Giving page.

Ready to make a splash for a good cause?

Dive into “A Dip a Day in May” and join us as we take on daily cold water challenges throughout the month of May. Whether you prefer an ice bucket challenge, a brisk cold shower, or a refreshing dip in chilly waters, every plunge counts towards raising funds for MND Scotland. Sign up, spread the word, and commit to the challenge today.



Download our free graphics for you to share and showcase your progress of “A Dip a Day in May” on social media.

You can also download and print a copy of our monthly challenge calendar to track your daily dips throughout May.

@mndscotland Make a splash this May with our 'A Dip a Day in May' challenge! 💦 Dive into icy waters or brave a cold shower to support MND Scotland. ❄️ Join us as we commemorate 10 years of the Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised over £500,000 for MND research and support! 💙#IceBucketChallenge #ADipADayInMay #10yearanniversary #fyp #foryou #mndscotland ♬ original sound - MND Scotland
@mndscotland Its day 3 of our new fundraising campaign #ADipADayInMay Todays brave MNDScotland staff member is our CEO Rachel! If you want to get involved, visit our website https://mndscotland.org.uk/events/a-dip-a-day-in-may/ #icebucketchallenge #10yearanniversary #ADipADayInMay #fyp #foryou #MNDScotland ♬ original sound - MND Scotland
@mndscotland Day 8 of 'A Dip A Day in May' and this time its our lead fundraiser Gillian! Thanks to everyone who has taken part and supported so far! #MNDScotland #adipadayinmay #icebucketchallenge #10yearanniversary #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound - MND Scotland
@mndscotland Its Day 10 of our month long fundraising challenge 'A Dip A Day in May' where we are challenging you to do a cold water dip every day in May. Today we have Richard, who is a member of the Board of Trustees here at MND Scotland. #mndscotland #ADipADayInMay #icebucketchallenge #foryoupagе #fyp #Glasgow #Scotland #MND #10yearanniversary ♬ original sound - MND Scotland

What your
donation can do

What could £10 support?

£10 could help us keep in touch with people with MND, provide information, and even arrange practical support to make living with MND easier.

What could £50 support?

£50 could help our Advocacy team to resolve issues many people with MND are experiencing, and take stress away from them and their family.

What could £100 support?

£100 could bolster our efforts to fund world-leading MND clinical trials which aim to develop new treatments to fight back against MND.

Donate by post

Please send a cheque payable to 'MND Scotland' to: MND Scotland, 6th Floor, Merchant Exchange, 20 Bell Street, Glasgow, G1 1LG.

Please include a note with your full name, address and details of your donation, so we can thank you.

Donate by phone

Call us on 0141 332 3903 to make your donation.

Please have your credit or debit card to hand. 

Bank Transfer

You can transfer money straight from your bank account to ours or deposit the money at any Bank of Scotland branch.

Please contact us for bank details and a reference code.

Have a question? Contact us for more information.