MND Scotland TV Campaign

Support our TV campaign with a donation and help make time count for people living with MND in Scotland.

This is the first time in MND Scotland’s 42 year history that we have created our own TV advert. It’s a significant milestone for the charity and one that we hope you will support.

The advert has been developed in collaboration with people with MND, carers and bereaved carers, with the aim of raising awareness of MND and MND Scotland, while also raising vital funds to enable us to continue our work supporting everyone affected by MND across the country and funding ground breaking research in the pursuit of effective treatments and a cure.

We can’t do that without your help.

About the advert

The advert will air on STV for four weeks and has been generously supported by the broadcaster, STV’s Growth Fund, so we achieve the maximum exposure for the campaign.

We met with a number of producers to hear ideas on the concept of the advert and decided to partner with Enterprise Screen to create an animation that really tells the story of the MND Scotland brand. We hope you agree that the animation looks beautiful and depicts the warmth of MND Scotland.

Throughout the process we have consulted with people with MND and carers, sharing scripts and ideas, and have taken on board their feedback to create the advert that you see today.

Busting myths

‘1 in 300 people will die from MND.’

‘Following diagnosis, average life expectancy is just 18 months.’

Sadly, these are facts about MND, not myths, and we think it’s important that everyone knows as much about this disease and its impact as possible. 

For this reason, the TV advert is accompanied by three short myth buster videos that you can watch below which will be shared on social media. Please share and engage with the videos so that we reach as wide an audience as possible.

The average life expectancy from diagnosis statistic varies depending on the type of MND people have. The 18 months statistic that we reference is taken from the MND neurology and clinical trial team at the University of Edinburgh. More information is available at the following links:

Euan MacDonald Centre for MND Research

MND-SMART clinical trial

MND Scotland is here to support people with MND, their friends and family. Without effective treatments or a cure, people affected have told us that what’s most important to them is making the most of every moment. That’s why, at MND Scotland we’re here to provide a helping hand of support to enable them to do exactly that. Please consider donating today and help us make time count.

Myths about MND

“We are really excited to share MND Scotland’s first ever TV campaign with you. The finished product is the result of a great deal of work between our team and wider partners and we really hope you like the final cut.

“Some people may ask why we have invested funds in a TV campaign and the answer is twofold – awareness and fundraising. We are proud to be the only charity in Scotland that directly supports people living with MND, and their families and friends. A diagnosis of MND doesn’t just affect one person but impacts their wider support network. We’re here to support everyone.

“This TV campaign gives us the opportunity to let everyone across Scotland know we are here to help. Our vision is a world without MND so, alongside practical help and support, we are providing hope by funding research into effective treatments and the search for a cure for MND.

“I’d personally like to thank the people with MND, carers and bereaved carers that have contributed to the development of this advert. Their insight, enthusiasm and support has been invaluable throughout the process.”

“Thanks to everyone that’s supported MND Scotland, we couldn’t do it without you.”

– Rachel Maitland, CEO at MND Scotland

What your
donation can do

What could £10 support?

£10 could help us keep in touch with people with MND, provide information, and even arrange practical support to make living with MND easier.

What could £50 support?

£50 could help our Advocacy team to resolve issues many people with MND are experiencing, and take stress away from them and their family.

What could £100 support?

£100 could bolster our efforts to fund world-leading MND clinical trials which aim to develop new treatments to fight back against MND.

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